Call for TABSE Presentation Proposals

THEME: “Developing Champions of High Character and Integrity”

The Texas Alliance of Black School Educators invites proposals for presentations and workshops for its 28th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas on January 16-20, 2013. All presenters must register and pay registration fees, travel expenses, and any additional costs associated with their workshops. The LEAD PRESENTER must be a current TABSE Member. TABSE will provide one podium, microphone and screen for each workshop. THE LEAD PRESENTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BOTH SECUR-ING ALL OTHER AUDIO-VIDEO EQUIPMENT AND ALL ASSOCIATED COSTS.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Proposals will be judged on their relevance to the strands, content quality, clarity, creativity, useful-ness and logical organization of presentation.

Conference Strands:

  • Student Achievement – Proposals must present concrete examples and evidence of classes and/or schools meeting and/or exceeding the Annual Yearly Performance (AYP) through the utilization of proven methodologies.
  • Principals – Proposals must address critical issues faced by principals, including resource generation, leadership in competing with alternative education systems, increasing student achievement, and fiscal accountability.
  • Digital Learning – Proposals must demonstrate how the use of digital tools enhances learning, and in turn, has a quantifiable impact on teaching and learning.
  • Teachers – Proposals must demonstrate how teachers can more effectively deliver instruction and thereby in-crease student proficiency through specific and innovative technologies and methodologies.
  • Cultural Competency – Proposal must present an exploration of how culture shapes both students and educators and share best practices to better understand and incorporate insight into cultural diversity in the classroom.


  • Proposals must address one of the approved strands.
  • Proposals must be typed and signed by the lead presenter.
  • Proposals must accompany presenter’s registration materials and payment.
  • Proposals must be submitted on the TABSE 2013 Proposal Submission Form.

You may substitute a computer generated submission form only if the information is presented in the order of the “TABSE 2013 Proposal Submission Form,” and meets all other requirements; or you may download the form from the TABSE web page at Please feel free to duplicate the TABSE 2013 Proposal Submission Form if necessary.

  • Presentations must be limited to one (1) hour and 30 minutes, unless otherwise noted.
  • Submit five (5) copies of your typed proposal, BY MAIL, to the address at the bottom of this page. You may submit additional information on a separate piece of paper if necessary.
  • However, your name and presentation title must be included on each additional page submitted.
  • Proposals must be submitted BY EMAIL or MAIL. Sorry, no faxes please.

Presenters can generally expect 30 to 50 conferees, including parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Please prepare sufficient handouts for your session. Sales promotions are not permitted. Notification on the status of your proposal will not be provided verbally but by e-mail or by e-mail. Written notification on the status of your proposal will be emailed or mailed to the lead presenter by December 31, 2012. Additionally, a list of the TABSE 2013 workshops and presenters will be posted to the website.

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