Message From Our President

I am delighted to welcome you to the Austin Area Alliance of Black School Educators (AAABSE), working together to advance academic excellence and equity, reduce resource disparities, and support educational communities throughout the greater Austin area. For over 30 years, AAABSE has addressed the most pressing issues faced by students, teachers, and community stakeholders and developed innovative solutions to drive transformational change.

In 2023, we are confronting educational threats to our hard-fought wins, which we know will disproportionately impact communities of color and their advancement. In addition, legislative calls to divert scarce resources to private schools will accelerate the hurt of our students and communities. AAABSE stands firm in our resolve to defend our victories and calls upon all members and leaders to advocate for all children, dispel cultural misconceptions of student needs, and promote unity across our community.

Dr Cornel Jones

As each day brings significant challenges, AAABSE members have and will continue to overcome these challenges with integrity, compassion, resilience, grit, and ingenuity. Also, we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with partner organizations and community leaders and exhibit a “can-do, unapologetic” spirit as we resist such attacks on our students, their needs, and their history.
Finally, I invite returning and new members to proactively involve yourselves in one or more of AAABSE commissions, which will develop our focuses for our Academic Institute (presenting best practices and leadership strategies by successful Austin area professionals) and other programming events throughout the school year. As our motto states: “Each One, Save One; If Not Us, Then Who!” I implore you to be a “difference-maker” and join our fantastic team!

Dr. Cornel Jones
AAABSE President

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