Austin Area Alliance of Black School Educators (AAABSE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the educational accomplishments of Austin Area children, particularly African-American children. This local affiliate was started as a branch of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators for the purpose of: providing social and instructional support for African-American teachers and students, promoting and expanding career opportunities for our membership, and assisting in serving the African-American community through advocacy, knowledge, and networking.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Elaine Bailey

Welcome to the most dynamic year of transition ever experienced in the Austin Area education. This year, we will be in the throes of impacting the lives of students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members. We will be participating in events designed to enhance the learning opportunities for all students, teachers, parents and community members.

It is of essence to remember the importance of keeping our focus on our purpose, which is to prepare our students as character centered individuals for success in school, in the community, and eventually in their careers. We are partnering with other organizations who want to achieve these same goals. As we rebuild the village, we are seeking individuals who have a passion to be Vision Keepers. We seek active workers. We seek those who are genuine to eliminating the “Attitude Gap” regarding our children.

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