Outstanding Leadership Award - Dr Mary L Thomas

Dr. Mary L. Thomas Honored With The Outstanding Leadership Award

On April 8, 2022, Dr. Mary L. Thomas was acknowledged internationally as one of 100 Top Trailblazers. during the Education 2.0 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. With 47 years of experience in the field of education, she has journeyed as a teacher, assistant principal, and central office administrator. She started in Commerce ISD and has been in Austin ISD since 1979. She attributes this award to her village of family, friends, students, parents, teachers, and administrators. She is the founder of the Austin Area Alliance of Black School Educators over 30 years ago and is past president of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. She volunteers at her church in numerous capacities and serves as a mentor to several. Mary loves her family and is dedicated to changing the status quo.

The conference was a Gathering of the most renowned educationists, EdTech innovators, policymakers, and researchers, the Education 2.0 Conference reimagines the education space and looks for innovative solutions to the most pressing problems impacting learning and teaching on a global level. It aspires to offer its stage to education leaders with inspiring stories, journeys, and perspectives and promote networking and collaboration between like-minded peers. The conference also spotlighted disruptive technologies, tools, and practices that have the potential to reshape the future of learning as we know it.

Given the critical role of education in empowering young minds, raising the quality of lives of millions around the world and creating a better, brighter tomorrow, we hope to fuel dialogue and drive change in this sector at our much-awaited education event

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